Cloud-Based Project Management

Need to navigate the intricacies of site surveys, location plans, and detailed project schedules? Look no further. Wayfindit is your go-to companion, delivering mock-ups and specifications for comprehensive wayfinding project management. I’s not just a tool; it’s the secret sauce in design facilitation, sign system planning, and digital sign prototyping.

We built this tool to be your sidekick, efficiently tackling those everyday challenges.

Who we help


Conduct thorough on-site surveys to document current signage details: photograph signs, provide comments, categorize sign types, and place markers indicating their precise locations on your site plan or map.

Project Managers

Facilitate site surveys, create location plans and detailed project schedules, and deliver mock-ups and specs for complete wayfinding project management. 


Provide real-time updates on routes and directions, create custom maps and navigation routes tailored to specific needs of an event, and support interactive maps that allow stakeholders to engage with the environment.

Other Professionals

Enhance navigation, improve efficiency, and provide a better experience for users, whether they are clients, customers, employees, or the general public.

Success Stories

“Before when clients sent us updates, it created a mess. It was hard to tell what was the most recent version and inevitably someone uses the wrong one. Wayfindit being on the cloud, everyone is now on the same page”

Wayfindit User

“Generating survey reports is now a click of a button instead of hours of work”

Wayfindit User

“Some surveys got so crazy we were worried about losing our reputation or future work with clients. Wayfindit helps our projects come in on time and under budget which is great for everyone”

Wayfindit User

“Even small surveys can have hundreds if not thousands of pictures to sort through and categorize. Before Wayfindit, we had to add them to a database manually, which took way too much time”

Wayfindit User

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Let’s embark on this journey together. With Wayfindit, navigating your projects has never been this efficient, precise, and, dare we say, a little fun too!