Signage plans made simple

Your customizable, flexible companion for turning projects into experiences you and your client will enjoy. Whether navigating the intricacies of indoor design or embarking on expansive outdoor endeavours, Wayfindit proudly stands as the ultimate solution. From ground-up constructions to sophisticated rebranding initiatives, we’re here for it all!

What we bring to the table

Data Security Redefined

We prioritize your data security. Our robust measures guarantee that deleted data can be easily recovered, providing peace of mind on your creative journey. We seamlessly integrate with most major identity providers, using your business email for an added layer of protection. 

Continuous Development

Unlike traditional software, our platform provides continuous updates over the years, eliminating the need to purchase new software altogether. With Wayfindit’s design, you’re not just creating; you’re evolving.

Tiered Access for Ultimate Control

Control is key. Wayfindit introduces an account tier system, granting third parties access only to the parts they need. Plus, their capabilities are restricted – they can add, but not delete data. It’s strategic control.

Layer- Based Simplicity

We believe in simplicity without compromise. Wayfindit streamlines the project process by eliminating unnecessary steps, providing a layer-based system that offers unparalleled control when uploading. It’s not just layer-based; it’s your control unleashed.

Plans Surveyed

Signs Documented

Data & Photos Collected


Survey Time Reduced

Square Feet Surveyed

Two smartphones in a white background with the Wayfindit software shown in the screen.

Making Sign Surveying Easier For You

Built with the vision of simplifying complex processes, Wayfindit serves as an efficient sidekick, ensuring that the challenges of site surveying, project management, architecture, and event planning become effortlessly manageable. Wayfindit offers detailed sign location plans and schedules across various settings, from sports stadiums to retail establishments, ensuring the utmost precision in sign programming.