Safe Environments in the Age of Covid

Wayfindit for Reassurance

Wayfindit allows you to not only schedule your assets for cleaning and sanitation efforts, but keeps your guests in the know as you go. Think real-time reports, checklists, and visual maps, all viewable and managed using existing smartphones, tablets, and displays.

Real-Time Communication

Our system allows visitors and employees to see exactly when an area has been cleaned by reviewing a color coded map. This map is updated, in real time, as cleaning professionals complete their work.

Accountability & Communication

Take out the unknown. Wayfindit for Reassurance allows employees to see exactly what is done, when it’s done, and by whom. Areas falling out of compliance trigger automated messaging, and direct staff to locations where immediate attention is needed.

Fuel Confidence through Clarity

More than a cleaning policy written on a website, Wayfindit helps communicate and visualize sanitization efforts. In turn, visitors and employees feel safer and more confident of their well-being in your facility or business.

An adaptive platform to fit your specific needs.

Wayfindit helps to provide accountability and communication between facilities management and staff within your existing cleaning, sanitation, and outreach efforts.

  • Adjust the level of detail & intergration to your preference
  • Choose what information is displayed and what's kept private
  • A system to support your existing efforts, not supplant it
  • A system that serves you, not the other way around
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